09 September 2021

The CPAP Noise Blues

I have previously written about my experience with my CPAP and APAP machines—most recently in 2019. My experience has been positive; I am sleeping better today than I ever have.

One challenge we have had is noise from the machine or me. It can be difficult to diagnose, because if I could hear or sense it, I could probably fix it, but because I am asleep during the noise, it can be difficult to guess what is happening.

There are a few physical clues that the sleeper might receive. 

  1. Eyes dry or crusted could be a leak around the upper nose area.
  2. Before falling asleep, you can usually sense air leaks around the mask, they will not get better when you start to sleep.
  3. Dry mouth could mean that the sleeper is opening their mouth and letting air flow out.
  4. A sore throat might mean that you are snoring in your sleep.

1 and 2 are usually simple fixes with your headgear, unless you need an entirely new fitting.

3 can be fixed with a chinstrap or by getting fitted for a full face mask

4 means you may need another sleep test or to adjust pressure.

Beyond that though, it can be difficult to figure out what is going on.

Never fear though. I have put together a decision tree that might help you and your partner figure out what is happening. Just start in the upper left and follow the questions and answers.

This is the first pass, so I am confident it's not perfect. I think it's a reasonable start.

I appreciate any feedback you may have.



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