10 May 2009

Diet and Health Some Media Links

There have been a number of good movies, books, and youtube clips lately that support some of the ideas around a more healthy way of eating and living.

I put some links below.

By the way, I'm not counting this post as one of my monthly posts. It's just too easy.

Paleo Eating

Paleo Exercise

Fathead: The Movie

Excellent introduction, with some humor, on many of the subjects that Taubes writes about in Good Calories, Bad Calories (link below).

Good Calories, Bad Calories
I am rereading sections of this book and after a year and a half of studying and reading about health, diet, and exercise, I find myself more impressed than ever at the quality of this book. It's not an easy read, but if it ever can break free from the being labeled in the category of diet books, could actually make a difference in the world.


My Big Fat Diet

Described as "Supersize Me meets Northern Exposure in My Big, Fat Diet when the Namgis First Nation of Alert Bay gives up sugar and junk food, returning to a traditional style of eating for a year to fight obesity and diabetes."

I haven't seen it, but I have heard good things about it.